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Turanium Fabrica Space Velvet - Black

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Turanium Fabrica Space Velvet - Black
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Turanium Fabrica - Linear Drive tattoo machine with RCA connector , 8 W Faulhaber DC motor with extra preloaded shaft bearings.
  • Fabrica ensures safe and smooth operation. It is perfect for every kind of work, filling, shadows, lines.

    Fabrica Turanium machine is equipped with an RCA connector, which provides excellent conductivity, constant voltage, and inability to reverse the polarity on the connector.

    The machine is equipped with a well-known Faulhaber motor with preloaded ball bearings inside .

    Stroke is 3.6mm in standard.

    The machine frame formed from a single piece of high-grade aluminum, machined by CNC 3D.

    The recommended operating voltage 7.5-8.5 Volts.

    As with any rotary machine, we recommend the use of professional power supplies for tattooing. These power supplies deliver a constant, stable power and a clean signal, which maximizes and enhances the engine.

    The machine has been designed for classic needles and tubes, tattoo, but also works well with needles modular.

    Technical data:

    Ratio: Linear Drive System

    Stroke: 3.6 mm

    Engine: 8W Faulhaber

    Frame: Aluminium CNC milled 3D - a particular color anodised

    For spareparts or garanty problem please contact us at the
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